Asset Investigation Michigan

It is not too uncommon for someone to find themselves entangled in a legal battle. These legal battles can be worth thousands or even millions of dollars. As a result, it is also common for individuals involved in aforementioned legal battles to do whatever they can to hide or misrepresent their assets. The person filing the lawsuit stands to gain or lose a lot of money, based on the value of the assets of the person they are filing the lawsuit against.

Because of these frequent situations asset investigators are extremely important to lawyers who are seeking settlements in cases where fraudulent behavior may have occurred. Lawyers often don’t have the knowledge or discretion to recover lost funds. As a result, law firms either outsource these important investigations. Other law firms hire asset investigators. These investigators find information to determine current assets and liabilities of a debtor to recover outstanding assets under their control.

These asset investigators are used in cases ranging from small personal debts to multi-million dollar schemes. A lawyer often need an Asset investigation for divorce settlements, corporate fraud, employee theft, investment scam and bank fraud.  Asset investigations have led to the recovery of millions of dollars for attorneys, government regulatory agencies, and private clients.